I don’t know how it is for you but for me, there are times I see or hear something that resonates SO deeply it just echoes through every cell in my body and propels me into action. There’s no letting it slide on by like so many of the wonderful sayings I encounter. These are words that for whatever reason continue to play through my mind, etching their rich nuances more and more deeply in my being.

I had one of those experiences this week when I read these words in a post from one of my ‘evolutionary sisters’, Ruth. At the end of a reflection, she wrote “I will get my butt into my life each and every morning, consistently– and make my life the gift it actually, really is.” Whomp! There it was – that hit, with echoes reverberating through me like the sound of one of those giant temple gongs.

What is it about this simple sentence that makes it so compelling for me?! Well, first off, the imperative in “I will”. This is no “I should”, or “It would be good if”, not “I’d like to”, or even “I want to”, nor “Wouldn’t it be nice if”! This “I will” resonates with my fierce commitment to show up in life authentically and unapologetically me – no matter what is happening, or how others respond! For some, this may seem simple, but for me, with a long history of trying to fit in and please in an attempt to be enough, doing so requires a fierce anchoring into the value of ‘simply’ being me, as I create and enact a whole new set of choices.

One of the things I’m discovering is that insight alone isn’t going to get me anywhere! It is acting on those new choices that will create the new pathways, and indeed create a different life. As well, it is attention and action in my life that is called for. In the past, it’s been much easier to focus my care and action on the lives of others, and in doing that avoid the (sometimes uncomfortable, or more scary) focus on me.  So to take action and “get my butt into my life” is key!

“Each and every morning, consistently” – it’s as if Ruth knows my tendency to start strong, with great intentions, and allow them to peter out as time goes on. I’m sure I’m not alone here, and in truth, even in writing this I feel pretty exposed. I’ve publicly stated my commitment to put my voice out there and (among other things) create a note like this every week in 2011. In a way that feels scary – what if I don’t do that?! AND, this calls me back to why I’m choosing to put my voice out there in doing this writing. I remember why I’m choosing to do this, and I breathe again.

I’m sharing my writing because of a second fiercely held commitment of mine – to join with others in the co-creation of relationships of deep respect; where curiosity and wonder abound, where noticing, acceptance of and attention to clearing anything that is getting in the way of our full expression of being love in the world is the norm. Relationships in which as unlimited spirits embodied in human form we dance between the magical and practical.

Though I love ‘delicious ideas’, for me, it’s the practical ‘so what’ part that makes them irresistible! And it is the daily, consistent practice of enacting these principles (and being gentle with ourselves when we recognize we’ve not done so) that create communities of deep respect, care, and creativity. Communities to which I’m excited about belonging!

As I do this, I will “make my life the gift it actually, really is” – as will each one of us who makes this choice! For me, life is SO not about putting in the time, waiting out our days, hoping that we’ll experience some good times along the way. I’m developing a real taste for the experience of that deep sense of fulfillment that comes from being co-creators with the Universe in enacting the unique desires I feel well up in me – and in each of us. As we engage in being the fullest expression of ourselves we can be, others will also experience the gifts our lives actually, really are!

I know I can sometimes be pretty intense, so I also appreciate being reminded that fierce commitment doesn’t have to be ‘heavy’. A few years ago Dave Buck (a long-time friend, colleague and CEO of CoachVille www.coachville.com) introduced me to the idea of seeing life as a serious game worth learning to play masterfully, and which I then coach others for whom this feels resonant – thanks, D!

That leads me to the other thing I love about Ruth’s words – the ‘serious lightness’ I feel when I read them! Particularly as I’m practicing nurturing a deeper relationship with my ‘inner younger self’ (that part of me that grew up feeling like she had to be serious and adult-like long before her time) I’m loving the experience of coming to hold myself more lightly, and seeing life as a serious game, which I’m learning to play masterfully, AND with a lighter touch.

So thanks, Ruth, and Dave, and all of you who choose, in whatever way feels true for you, to join me in getting “our butts into our lives each and every morning, consistently– and make our lives the gifts they actually, really are!” We are creating joyful, respectful communities of learning and loving in our world! I love being part of this!

Nurturing juicy co-creative partnerships
…with ourselves, others & life!