This week we celebrated the 100th Anniversary celebration of International Women’s Day – an auspicious occasion.

We stand on the shoulders of a long line of women who have worked and sacrificed for our lives to be better. And they are. Yet I came across this striking  video created to mark the celebrations of this day.

Even after all these years of work, and all the changes that have resulted, it’s clear that societally, if equality means sameness, then we are certainly not equal.

Of course this kind of externally observable equality/sameness isn’t the experience of MANY in our world – difference in race, sexual orientation, financial reserves, mental or physical capacity, age, any number of differences certainly don’t engender respect of the mainstream, and in some circumstances put us at risk.

I’m thankful for those women who, tapping deeply into a masculine sense of creative energy set goals, and blew through glass ceilings galore for us to be in the space we’re now in.

AND I’m clear that since observable equality or sameness isn’t likely within our current cultural framework, rather than railing against what is, I’m called to take a stand, nurturing in me, and painting pictures of possibility for others, around developing a more feminine sense of co-creativity. This is where the juice and possibility lie. This is where transformation for many of us in the world will begin.

Nurturing juicy co-creative partnerships
…with ourselves, others & life!