First my share – over the last months a small group of us – ‘purposepreneurs’ consciously intent on uncovering and offering the unique contributions we came here to express – have been in conversation with Lissa Boles – Soul Mapper and CEO extraordinaire of SoulFullFilled Living. One thing that’s become clear as we surface and express who and what we came here to stand for, and inviting more of this into our world in ways that are truly resonant, is that we’re being called to create lives and businesses that are often challenging – and changing! – our own understanding of what we’ve thought being in business would look like.

AND, though I’ve known about this before, more and more now I’m feeling in the marrow of my bones the knowing that as I connect more deeply with the legitimacy of who I came here to be, and courageously stand with authority for the things that really matter to me, I not only build my capacity to express my unique gifts, but as we engage this together, we will ultimately change the face of the way business itself is conducted – we’ll realize (bringing into matter) more of the things that really matterto us.

The truth though is that building a business ISN’T my passion! I am passionate about realizing RICH relationships – with ourselves, others and Life! And though I’ve only named it this way for about a year now, I’ve come to recognize that the practice and experience of building capacityin myself and with others to nurture RICH relationships has been a driving force throughout my life.Recovering and deepening connection with my inner gyroscope that keeps me oriented, co-creating relationships that are alive with possibility, and embracing our humanity are the cornerstones of this practice. It’s become clear to me that every experience in our lives is pointing either to something that enlivens us, or, to something that’s missing that we long to be, or have present.

Life is abundant in giving us experiences, and as we engage this kind of reflection we can harvest the value embedded in every one of them. Within this commitment nothing is wasted – everything occurs as raw material for the co-creation of lives where we express our unique callings.

The questions – What difference have these realizations made in my life? How am I showing up differently now? And in what ways might this also be resonant for you?

As I mentioned in the last eNews, I’m much more fierce about holding myself tenderly – and no, being fiercly tender isn’t an oxymoron! I am, albeit still imperfectly, more quickly noticing and shifting from judging myself as not achieving the standard of perfection to which I’ve habitually held myself, to acknowledgment and appreciation of what’s actually happening.

This has spilled over into my relationship with others, including my husband Bruce. My expanded capacity to hold myself with fierce tenderness has meant that as he’s been reacting in frustration to some challenging situations he’s faced recently, rather than trying to control his reaction (out of my fear he might do something rash!) it’s been easier for me to ‘simply’ be deeply present, and trust in the unfolding of Life. Not surprisingly, the fact that he’s not had to keep my reactions at bay has created space for him to more quickly come back home to himself, and for us to build more confidence in our capacity to partner each other.

And what about in my relationship with Life? As I’ve been recognizing the legitimacy and value of who I am and what I bring to the world, I’m more willing to stand in that. I’ve been clear about the value of connecting with others through video.

Realizing RICH Relationships welcome

(You may have already seen the short, completely unedited, all-in-one-take-with-my-webcam welcome video on the home page of my website. If not, I’ve posted it here.)

Just when I’d been wondering what it would look like for me to make some more videos bringing my voice to the world in a way that’s organic and authentic for me, Jeremie Miller of Your Event Without Borders created a pilot of a course where participants decide on a clear video creation goal for ourselves and then he provides the creative and tech support we need to achieve it – how cool is that?!

I’ve decided I’m going to create a number of short videos that give a taste of who I am and what I offer – stories that point to the ‘ahas’ of expanded possibility that show up as we explore at the edges of our consciousness, or the greater freedom in choosing our responses to life as we deepen our relationships with ourselves, others and Life. And I need your help!

Here’s my request. For those of you who know me well, I’d love to hear the things you most appreciate hearing from me, and for all of you (especially if you’re newer to this work) what are some of the challenges you face in your own journey of realizing RICH relationships that you’d like to see me respond to? How do you see my creating these videos being of support to you in acknowledging your own legitimacy, standing in your authority, and builiding more capacity for realizing RICH relationships in your life?!

Nurturing juicy co-creative partnerships
…with ourselves, others & life!