So to be clear, I love magic, and I have a fierce commitment to creating in the easiest way possible! I think that’s why as I was doing some Christmas shopping, I was so delighted to find the magic wand I’m showing off in the video below. There’s a part of me that would love it to be possible to simply wave a magic wand

“S w i i i i s s s s h h h h ! ! !”


and have everything in our lives be created as we most deeply desire it to be!

Magic Wand
Demo of my Magic Wand!

AND, there’s the practical, pragmatist in me that knows the challenge of holding the tension of the paradox between this idea of ‘easy’ that seems so desireable, and the notion of the New Year’s Resolutions we’re so culturally conditioned to consider at this time. Generally, these are the things we think we should do, perhaps even know would be good for us to engage. Most of us find keeping our Resolutions anything but easy. Often we have no ‘juice’ for making these changes. When we think of them, rather than the delight of “Swish!”, the energy around them feels heavy and leaden.

The truth for me is that over these last weeks I’ve engaged some of the deepest, in many ways most challenging personal work I’ve ever done. Often it wasn’t easy. There were many moments where magical seemed far away. Life has been inviting me into a bigger space, and rather than pushing away, pushing back or pushing through to resolution of the challenge, I’ve been slowing down, and quietly taking time to notice and name what’s happening and where my attention is being drawn.

One of the ways I paused and listened was using Tao Oracle cards. My intention was to draw cards that would support me in my personal evolution. Pictured below is the spread I drew.

It’s full of paradox – Holding Together (inviting me to make a wholehearted commitment to my leadership role in the community, and share my capacity for decisiveness, personal resolve and uncompromizing integrity), and Splitting Apart (an invitation to letting go, being open to receiving and integrating the restrorative cycle of death and rebirth that is the rhythmic heartbeat of life.) Another axis was Resoluteness (expanding my capacity in the midst of challenges to stay alert, centered, calm, clear,  creative and flexible through being connected to my vision and trusting in the power of intuitive guidance and that the unfolding of Life happens as it does and cannot be forced), and Biting Through (living by my inner “Yes!”, facing the truth and acting decisively, fearlessly, with sensitivity, and in a way that’s honourable, accurate and appropriate.) And finally (in case all of this seemed too overwhelming!) Development (a reminder that it takes time for relationships to develop their own rhythms, that stumbling, delays and setbacks are inevitable, that patience, flexibility and sensitive in-tuned-ness, along with a willingness to look truth straight in the eye and feel supported rather than fearful of it) are keys to navigating this journey. As challenging as this seems, it all feels so incredibly resonant and compelling – a big “Yes!” for sure!

In addition to this really important focus on relationships in my inner, and interpersonal  worlds, another thing that’s been surfacing in me is the draw to focus my attention on expanding and deepening my relationship with myself and my body, and my visceral, practical experience of life. So another big “Yes!” in me right now is my commitment to create experiences where I delight in exquisite beauty, revel in sensual pleasure, and engage life with a playful, light, touch.

It’s from this space that I went out last week to shovel the snow in our driveway – in the selfie I took, you can see and feel my aliveness. Revelling in the beauty of the fresh fallen snow, the gorgeous sunshine and blue sky, feeling the still, coolness of the air on my face, the freedom in feeling my body move, the sense of being more in touch with my physicality, strength, stamina and flexibility.

While not quite a magic wand easy, acting from the space of this whole being “Yes!” does engender a sense of ease and that shifts us out of the heaviness of a resolution based in a should or ought, to a resoluteness that flows out of us with a lightness and aliveness that comes from our core, and so is more sustainable.

How about you? Where do your big “Yesses!” lie? What are you being drawn to? Would having a supportive community as you explore these questions feel resonant? This time last year I created the first edition of this eNews, and hosted the first At Home with Maralyn & Friends call, and they continue twice monthly. I’m excited to mark the beginning of 2014 with another new offering, the Relationship Treasures Hidden in Plain Sight program!

If you feel resonance in your heart with any of these possibilities, do be in touch, I’d love to connect with you!

Nurturing juicy co-creative partnerships
…with ourselves, others & life!