In the northern hemisphere, we celebrated the winter solstice this last week – a time of marking both the longest night, and the re-turning of the light. Today as I’m writing this eNews, it’s the first day of Chanukah. It’ll be sent out tomorrow – Christmas Day. Celebration of Kwaanza starts the next day. Next weekend we’ll celebrate the dawning of 2017. There are SO many signals around that point to this time as a powerful season and reason to pause, as we …

Celebrate the gift of life, reflect on what has been,  
and envision what we intend to co-create for ourselves and our world.

As I’ve paused to reflect, several things are clear. First, my deep appreciation for many things in life – including, as I sit and write this, the gift of connection with you, and the many ways we have of connecting with each other across the miles. There are so many that I consider precious people in my world – some I’ve known for years (I came across this old photo of me and my boys who are now in their 30s, and my lanky brother!) decorating the Christmas tree at my parent’s home in Barbados.

Others of you have come into my life more recently. Still others (perhaps reading this at some point in the future) I’ve yet to meet! RICH relationships are one of the most precious things in my life, so wherever you are in the timeline, I am thank-full for you.

I’m also really clear this has been a year of changes – some comfortable, others less so. I’m thankful for my now grown up children, and the freedom having adult children brings to my life. I’m happy to be visiting at my oldest son’s home, and celebrating with extended family here in Canada, and … I’m thankful that I seem to have finally found a pace and rhythm that is more lifegiving for me. My daughter was amazed when I told her last night that I’d already wrapped my gifts, “What?!” she said, “you mean you’re not going to be wrapping things on Christmas Eve?!” Whether or not this season of celebration has unfolded for you in a way that comfortable, I hope in this next while you choose to pause and be still for a while, and in that pause take some time to reflect on this last year. My wish for you is that you shore up the foundations you’ve created in the past, and prepare for your part in this next year. I’m holding all of us in love, and the possibility that 2017 be a year where we co-create lives, and a world of our best envisioning.

I recently had a conversation with my friend, mentor and coach Lissa Boles where together we reflected on this last year. She framed the conversation in 3 powerful sections which I share with you here.  They’re certainly not the only way to reflect, but my hope is they prompt your own reflections:

  1. What have you achieved and accomplished over this last year? With life unfolding at the pace it does, it’s easy to let things slide by and not truly ‘own’ these accomplishments. Some of mine?
    • My faithfulness in continuing to write and publish this eNews
    • Continued nurturing and supporting the development of the Diving Deeper community. It’s such a delight and honour to be witness to the unfolding of their greater capacity to meet life
    • The greater confidence I feel in my capacity for presence in my coaching and life in general. I feel much more connected to and clear that what’s needed from me in the moment will come forward, and that includes sometimes saying “I don’t know!”
    • I’m also much more practiced at pausing and asking “What’s the one thing right here, right now that Life is calling me to attend to?” That’s part of the reason my Christmas gifts were wrapped ahead of time! It’s also part of being much clearer on whether and when I say “Yes” or “No” as things come before me
    • And all of this has led to much greater clarity around living from there more steadily – and returning to it when I notice I’m off course!
  2. Where are your places of disappointment? Owning these isn’t an invitation for self-flagellation, or blaming life or others. Rather, it’s a way of noticing what it feels like when things are ‘off’ or something feels missing. The sooner we notice this, we can return to and shore up our own foundations, and be in a much stronger place to build from. Again, here I share some of mine which generally are focused in two arenas:
    • I’ve often felt disappointed at the pace at which things happen – this whole year I’ve been wanting to launch a new program to introduce my work into the world more widely


    • and I recognize it’s easy for me to wonder whether I’ve done something wrong, or not done enough. In this moment, as I reflect on both of these points, I can clearly see the wisdom in the way life has unfolded. And recognizing this deepens my commitment to both trust that unfolding, and honour the inner wisdom that has called me to this slower (even though sometimes frustrating!) pace and rhythm.
  3. Are there any places where you’d like the pattern of interaction between us to change? Perhaps reading my twice monthly eNews, or being part of the At Home with Maralyn and Friends calls on the following Tuesdays is working fine for you. If that’s the case, wonderful! If, however, you’re feeling the draw to explore more deeply, or challenges in your life are pressing you to find additional resources for support, then this is the perfect time too. Here’s why:
    • That new introductory progam you’ve heard me referring to is actually coming! Taking into consideration feedback from those part of the small pilot, and support from friends and colleagues (you know who you are – thank you all!) dates for the public beta program are on now the books. Along with a team of support I’ve reached out to, I’m at work creating the webpage with further info and a way to register. I’ll be sharing more about this next eNews, but for now, here are some of the bare bones details
    • it’ll be a 5 session program, with the calls recorded in case you can’t be there live, on 5 Thursday afternoons 3:00-4:30 pm ET February 9 – March 9, 2017, followed by 3 further integration calls at the same time, at 2 week intervals after that
    • and (again, thanks to those of you who gave feedback) with what I hope is a title that more clearly speaks to what the program is about. Finding Your Sea Legs – exploring new horizons, and navigating rogue waves and storms, with courage and resilience. If you’re curious and don’t want to wait 2 more weeks to hear more, do reach out, and otherwise, I’m excited to share more with you then! May this new year be one filled with powerful possibility for us all!

Nurturing juicy co-creative partnerships
…with ourselves, others & life!