– or practice in saying “Yes” to things we can feel are Life’s invitations – take 2 …

So this is an experiment … one born of practical, pragmatic necessity! It’s the first time I’ve created this eNews in the form of a video, and I hope you’ll choose to click the arrow and have a watch and listen – the last two weeks have been been quite a journey!

I’ve been saying “Yes” to things that have truly stretched me in ways I’ve never before experienced. It’s been both challenging, and confidence building. And the moments of emergence of support and synergy in unanticipated ways has been extraordinary.

Here’s the video – it’s totally unedited, done in one take, and so yet another stretch for me!

Practical, pragmatic presence ...
Practical, pragmatic presence ...

There are many more related stories to share – if you’d care to hear some of them, or would like to share your experiences with me, I’d love for you to join me in the At Home with Maralyn & Friends call this Tuesday evening. Details are in the paragraph below. I have the sense it’s not just me experiencing this kind of intensity, and one thing I know for sure is the importance of community and kindred spirited support as we say “Yes” to Life’s invitations to us. If you feel resonance, or questions and feel drawn here, and that timing doesn’t work, I hope you’ll be in touch in whatever way works for you!

If you’ve never joined us for the Maralyn & Friends call, and would like to, you can register for the no cost call here. If it works for you, please join us.

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