Yes, this is a special “outside of my usual routine” Maralyn’s Musing – and in a way this time we are living in feels “outside of our usual routine” too.

Over the last week I’ve been in conversation with people on both ‘sides’ of the political spectrum who are feeling very anxious. This Tuesday, votes in the US mid-term elections will be counted, and while the outcome is far from certain, the impact of what happens will clearly be significant – and my sense is that impact extends beyond the USA.

At times like these, the felt sense of the knife edge of uncertainty that we as humans live on becomes very apparent. And it felt like an important time to create a space for any who would like to gather to do so.

Yesterday, I thought of writing a Musing as I usually do, but the words just weren’t flowing. It was a gorgeous day, so I then had the idea of making a little video outside with my phone, but I ran into tech challenges. This morning, I woke with the sense of needing to do something, still there.

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So, just now, simply using my laptop camera, and in one take, I created the video invitation above. It’s far from perfect, but/and, it comes from my heart!

If the invitation resonates with and the timing works for you, I hope you’ll consider joining me (and anyone else who can swing the time at this short notice!) on this special daytime, no cost, At Home with Maralyn & Friends call. We’ll gather tomorrow, Tuesday November 6, on our Maestro line at 1:00 pm ET.

If the timing works for you, I’d love to hear your voice. If you’ve never registered before for our twice monthly At Home with Maralyn & Friends calls, click here.

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