My life is a FUSION of PASSION and REASON.

For years I wondered if something I’d sensed but wasn’t sure I could trust could really be true. Is ‘just being me’ enough? Surely I have to learn to DO something more significant than that?! I’m someone who has looked around at all the incredible accomplishments of those around me and felt a bit of an imposter – I tried, but didn’t seem to be able to follow the rules, or do things the way I saw others doing them. I thought I was ‘supposed’ to follow suit.

Over the years I’ve come to truly believe what I shared with my mother-in-law the first time I met her. I do coach my clients, but mostly what I do is love them for who they are. (And for the record, I don’t have sex with them which is what she first thought I meant!)

I finally came to the place where I accepted that this casually intense coaching style that felt true for me was exactly what those who felt a resonance with me were looking for. Being me was enough – I could ‘simply’ be my warmly inviting, gently accepting, incorrigibly curious, incisively insightful, constantly learning, relentlessly appreciative self!

I’ve been described by my clients as “an incredibly intuitive, ferocious keeper of truth;” a “poser of intriguing possibilities through questions” and an “asker of questions of the heart – the ones that pierce right down to where the real questions are.” This kind of fierce loving and profound presence has been honed over 35 years of varied professional experience – as Registered Nurse, facilitator of communication and conflict management, and Transformational Personal Coach.

We find ourselves at this pivotal point in human history, and I believe each one of us is being called – drawn by the evolutionary imperative deep in our bones. We are being invited to change our world by being most truly and fully ourselves, and freely expressing this!

Every one of us is unique and therefore precious – carrying within us a contribution that only we can offer. I see and feel this preciousness in those around me, and am honoured when those who feel a resonance invite me to partner with them on this journey of Realizing RICH(er!) Relationships with themselves, others and life.

My Teachers

For those of you curious about my circuitous journey, I’ve shared below my appreciation for some of the most significant teachers I’ve had – a sort of time-lapse photography of my life, love and learning in words!

For those of you who would prefer a more formal list of my experience and training, click here.

Since I believe that EVERY interaction I have provides me with an opportunity to learn and grow, this is (of course!) only a partial list … however, there have been a number of people whose influence I particularly want to acknowledge.

If for any reason, your name isn’t here and you know it should be, I hope you’ll be like my daughter Rachael, who on not finding her name on my initial list took the initiative of adding her own name!

If you feel like her, let me know! It would be a great opportunity for us to connect and for me to consciously appreciate the gift you have been in my life.

To these, and MANY OTHERS, I offer my thanks and love.


Respectful Relationships in which we honour ourselves and each other with a deep reverence for the unique gifts we each bring to life.
Intimate Being open and undefended in our living and loving—to the degree that’s appropriate for the context of the relationship.
Courageous A required element for living respectfully and intimately, this courage is anchored in a fierce commitment to being in integrity with ourselves, celebrating whatever is here now, AND being curious – hmmm, I wonder what else is possible?!
Human With all the idealism and possibility embedded in this vision, an honouring of our humanity is crucial—which of course brings us back to the beginning, being respectful.



who as my live-in Nanny loved and looked after me until I was 7. She was the sower in me of the seeds of some core belief systems. From her I learned by osmosis that I was loved and special, that I was valuable – precious; that I could expect my needs to be met, that I would be given the resources to face whatever was before me, and that the way society (or any individual) viewed me had no bearing on my value. While I’ve always carried this knowing deep inside me, it has been the journey of my life to actually come to embody this more and more.



although he was absent from us (at work) a lot of the time when we were kids, he was the one who came to comfort and care for us when we called for help in the night. And even though he often struggled in understanding why others’ choices were different from his own, taught by example a profound respect for every human being with whom he came into contact.





in an age and society in which women were primarily behind the scenes, I learned from my Mumma both in deed, and in word, that she (and by extension I) had important ideas to offer to the world. From her I also learned about love in action– about loving without regard to whether you were in agreement with the other’s choice of action.


Auntie Winnie and Uncle David

who lived beside us when I was a child. They had been married later in life, were childless, and became part of our extended family. They shared with us many things in their lives that expanded my horizons – their ever present Boxer dogs, their orange blossom honey, Auntie Winnie’s home made hams, flower decorating skills, and interest in horse racing, Uncle David’s stamp collection, cigars and pipes, and interest in politics, and their wider circle of acquaintances which (among other things) allowed us the occasional visit to Government House in Barbados (the country in which I was born and grew up.)

Mrs. Jordan

my High School Geography teacher. She taught me to delight in the variety we find in the landscape on this earth (who would have thought that what appears to be as solid as a mountain range could be folded and moulded as they are? Plenty of life lessons in this one!) But more than that, in a society where fitting in was an important value, this elegant, unique (some would have said eccentric!) woman, modeled for me the value of being true to herself by being comfortable in her own skin– an extraordinary gift.

Douglas …

who I see and love as an older brother expressed a joy in living (a type of carefree extravagance) that was new to me. He also was the first person I knew who when he woke up to the deliciousness of ideas about which he was passionate, really pursued this path, and in doing this he opened for me a whole new range of possibilities.

Mrs. Wood

one of the many people who invited me into their homes and lives when as an 18 year old and had come to Canada for the first time to go to Nursing School. In a city where I had no family, this remarkable woman (whose husband had met my father when he was in Barbados on business) warmly welcomed me into her already busy and full home and family. She (they) gave me a place to belong, and taught me about sharing without expecting anything in return. I have often remembered this in later years when I have had the opportunity to do the same thing.


wonderer, wanderer and storyteller was for 35 years my husband, and the father of our three children. He precipitated in me expansion of horizons and clarification of thinking as none other, and though we are no longer married, I care for and deeply appreciate.


Daniel, Matthew and Rachael …

my children, from whom I continue to learn. I long ago decided that the primary purpose of children was to create many opportunities for the stretching and growth of parents! Their being, growing, and engaging in and with the world has often caused me to stop and wonder about my own certainties, and many times see the wisdom in holding on to life with a looser grasp. (see My Writing – When the Stick Turned Blue) They have also taught me about slowing down, and taking time to snuggle and breathe, and (even though they are now grown up) I continue to learn from them about how to play as I live!


My babies…when they were babies! Daniel

My babies…when they were babies! Matthew

My babies…when they were babies! Rachael

Ninja family! Daniel, Rachael and Natalya (Lizzie’s daughter)


who at a time when I was prepared to begin to let go of the illusion that everything was fine and explore new (more authentically Maralyn) ways of being, challenged me to wonder about my life.  Another of those wonderful people who helped me learn that fitting-in with the establishment need not be a prime directive.

The Logos Community

when I was first wondering  who I really was and what I had to offer to the world, this group of people gave me a place to offer my gifts and perspectives, expanded my horizons in the areas of faith and facilitation (back then a new way of leading and learning), and gave me opportunity to put all this into practice.


who gave me a gift of experiential learning when he asked me to develop a course to help others identify their gifts for ministry.  At the time, neither of us had any way of knowing the enormity of that gift to me – not only was this process the way I began to name and recognize my own gifts, but the questions raised here continue to be key in my work.  In addition, it was through Harold’s example that I began to learn how to articulate my faith in real words and to begin to think about articulating my thoughts succinctly (sometimes still struggle with that one!)

Birgit and Dalton

together and individually have offered me learning experiences both formal (in the facilitation training I have done with them), and informal in the work we subsequently shared over the years.  As time has passed, my working relationship with Birgit has developed into a deep and trusting friendship in which we have learned (and continue to learn) much from each other, and for which I am extraordinarily thankful.

John Savage

who through his own carefully prepared course material, taught and enabled me to share with others much of what I know about communication skills, and whose gift in introducing me to the practice of Story Listening has been crucial in my ability to understand both myself and others.

Matt and Kathleen

together we have experienced a powerful sense of true community. (In his book The Different Drum, Scott Peck speaks of community as “a group of individuals who have learned how to communicate honestly with each other, whose relationships go deeper than their masks of composure, and who have developed some significant commitment to “rejoice together, mourn together” and to “delight in each other, make others’ conditions our own.””)  This is a learning and gift I deeply value, and just touches the tip of all we’ve shared.

David Cooperrider and Diana Whitney

who trained me in Appreciative Inquiry, an organizational development process that resonated with the core of my being, and gave me words, tools and a community of practitioners who continue to explore and articulate something that I value highly – practical ways of discovering those enduring learnings that exist in every situation, the enacting of which allows us to create more of what we want in our lives. The Appreciative Inquiry Commons is a way to explore more of this.

Gay and Katie Hendricks

whose book Conscious Loving was put into my hands at a crucial point in my life.  From them (both from their writing and in person) I have learned much about paying attention to the cues my body is giving me, about having the courage to feel all my feelings (and allow others to feel theirs!), to risk speaking (rather than withholding) the truth of my own experience, and about balancing power and creating healthy relationships where each individual accepts complete responsibility for themselves and the relationship.  Core understandings that I continue to practice and learn about!  You can contact them at


With Christine – still playing together after all these years…


my sister and trusted friend with whom (particularly over the last few years) I have more closely shared my life.  She has been for me a sounding board, and safe place to vent. And she is a gentle model in teaching me some of those organizational skills which she seems to come by naturally.  I seem to have been absent (or not paying attention!) when those gifts were being handed out! For a number of years after leaving my first marriage, we (along with her daughters and her husband Paul) learned to live together in an extended ‘family’ setting– an extraordinary gift for me.

Charlie Goedken …

my first coach has been another invaluable receiver and reflector of my processing; who wondered deeply with me as I explored, clarified and articulated both what I believe, and what I want, and unfailingly encouraged me to “Trust. It all fits.”

Thomas Leonard

visionary coach and leader, who died at 47, long before the rest of us thought it was time, and who although I only knew from a distance, constantly inspired me to clarity of thought and word, and greater scope of action.

Tom Stone …

inspired pioneer and teacher, who has provided me with a framework (The Core Dynamics) that has been foundational to the way I live and work.


The Human Awareness Institutefounded in 1968 by Stan Dale. In offering their workshops exploring love, intimacy and sexuality, HAI lives out their mission statement to “empower individuals to be potent, loving, contributing human beings. HAI promotes personal growth and social evolution by replacing ignorance and fear with awareness and love. HAI aims to create a world where people live together in dignity, respect, understanding, trust, kindness, compassion, reverence, honesty and love.” All values that are dear to my heart.

Bruce and me at our wedding

Bruce …

for many years friend, now my beloved husband. Years ago, he promised to support my wellbeing for the rest of his life. And in living out that promise has both held me and called me out to be more fully ‘me’ in more ways than I can count. He described being in love as “challenging, in the best way!” I am thankful to have him as my learning partner in undefended loving.

Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit …

fierce explorers of what it means to truly live in our feminine power. Over the years I engaged within the learning communities they and we co-created, I both honed my skills, and discovered and shifted patterns in myself that had previously been invisible to me. In doing so I deepened and enriched my relationships with myself, others, and life, and can be here now inviting you to do the same!

Lissa Boles

wise woman, teacher,coach, mentor, and friend, From our very first interactions in early 2012, Lissa’s clear seeing, speaking, and facing sqaurely what’s there struck a chord of resonance in me. In her capacity as Soul Mapper, she saw, named clearly, and heightened in me a process of legitimizing my own sense of calling that has had a profound effect on my being where I am today. As she has coached and mentored me over the years, my appreciation and respect for her giftedness as a facilitator, communicator, and creator of programs (particularly The Calling Cycle, and The Code) has deepened. Her commitment to saying ‘yes’ to her Mastery Path feels as fierce as my own, and in this, Lissa has gathered around her a community of people that I am thankful to call colleagues and friends.

The recorded word …

written, spoken, in film and video, and now on computer has all my life been a significant teacher.  I am SO thankful for the many gifted human beings who have shared their thoughts and discoveries in this way and in doing so profoundly affected my life.

My Clients

both formal and informal who have over the years been a huge gift and resource, as together we have (in various moments – though sometimes all at the same time!) laughed and learned, cried and co-created profound transformation.  My deep gratitude to you all.

Respectful Relationships in which we honour ourselves and each other with a deep reverence for the unique gifts we each bring to life.
Intimate Being open and undefended in our living and loving—to the degree that’s appropriate for the context of the relationship.
Courageous A required element for living respectfully and intimately, this courage is anchored in a fierce commitment to being in integrity with ourselves, celebrating whatever is here now, AND being curious – hmmm, I wonder what else is possible?!
Human With all the idealism and possibility embedded in this vision, an honouring of our humanity is crucial—which of course brings us back to the beginning, being respectful.

Nurturing juicy co-creative partnerships
…with ourselves, others & life!