Especially in these times of change I’m excited to let you know about my program – it’s called FINDING YOUR SEA LEGS.

Here we explore ways of meeting the rogue waves and stormy seas we often encounter in life with courage and resilience. Feeling alone to figure this out it’s easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed, perhaps afraid that if this keeps up, the boat of your life will be swamped and you may go under. If you’re finding life challenging (or know someone you care about who is) please do yourself a favour and check it out.

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If you’ve been drawn here, it’s likely you:

  • Have a high degree of integrity, a noble, deep character
  • Are likely collaborative, but willing to be the voice that makes decisions – willing to be “it”
  • Have a sense of calling – perhaps a maverick, pioneering risk taker, a thought leader, a little rebellious (at least on the inside!)
  • Can feel possibility and get excited about doing things differently … someone who uses drama not to impress, but impress upon, so while you don’t need to do so for ego reasons, you’re willing to stand and make a difference in the arena in which you feel called to live and work
  • May well be a leader who at times feels very alone in your life

I partner with people who in the midst of their lives have come to the realization that they’ve been living a self-compromised life, but can’t quite see how that happened or how to change it. They’ve recognized their lives have been a bottomless pit they’ve kept pouring themselves into and often it hasn’t even occurred to them that change was possible.

Now either something has gone wrong or they’re afraid they’ve made or are making a mistake. Maybe a crisis has hit them upside the head, or it feels like the bottom has fallen out:

  • They may have driven themselves into the ground climbing a mountain, and now may be experiencing twinges of fear or a sinking feeling that it might not have been ‘their mountain’
  • Perhaps they now realize what they’ve done or built has caused them (or others) harm

But (especially if they’ve felt what they’ve been engaged in is the thing that will bring them security, love or respect) they can’t imagine what or who they’d be without it, and so find themselves feeling alone, isolated, the only one they can count on, with nowhere to turn or no one to turn to.

You may be feeling exposed – at least to yourself, and possibly to others – and this has shattered the tenuous hold you’ve had on your life … that image of yourself you’ve felt essential in order to be accepted or acceptable.

OR maybe you’ve followed something and taken a small risk (a positive one) that has blown your mind open, touching that deep ache for more, and now you find you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, you don’t know what to do and it’s scaring the hell out of you.

I’m here to tell you this is a very painful blessing in disguise …

You may be recognizing the way the fear of being seen as ‘not enough’ has pushed you, or the way not feeling respected has driven a lot of what you’ve been doing. This hit upside the head is a gift your soul (Higher Self, whatever) and Life have co-created as an opportunity for you to free yourself from this compromised life you’ve been living – a life rooted in fear of the loss of love and acceptance, and bring you to a place where you experience, express, contribute and co-create with yourself, others and Life, the life you came here to live.

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