Maralyn's Musings

When I’m getting to know another person, I like engaging with them in conversation. Hearing what they’re thinking about and what’s happening in their life. In getting clearer about what’s important to them, it’s easier to see and feel whether I feel a sense of connection with them. So part of why I write and publish my twice monthly Maralyn’s Musings is to give those who don’t yet know me an easy way of discovering whether I’m someone they’d like to get to know better.

 It’s also a way for me to keep in touch with those who do know me well. I don’t know about you, but there are many more people I’d like to be in touch with regularly than I have time to connect with 1:1. So whether you’re a friend, or someone with whom I partner in the course of my work, my Musings are a way for me to share with you some of the questions and ideas that have been swirling inside me, the challenges and joys I’m experiencing, or whatever else I’ve been Musing about.

 If you’re curious, the easiest way for you to access these when they’re published twice monthly is via email. All it takes is a click here, and add your name and email address. Two important things for you to know – I never share your contact information with anyone else, and if there’s ever a time when you no longer want to receive my Musings, unsubscribing is just as simple!

 On the other hand, if you like what you’re reading and want to have a bit more direct contact with me, that’s easy too! Simply click on the + in the box below. There you can find out more about another twice monthly happening, my no cost At Home with Maralyn & Friends calls. If that ever feels true, I’d love to ‘meet you’ that way!

 BTW, if you’re curious and not yet ready to share your information, after the email Musing has been shared, I do also post them on my website under the Maralyn’s Musings tab – so if you’d like a taste test first, click away!

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At Home with Maralyn & Friends

For years I’ve enjoyed nurturing extended community across the miles, however when I moved from the Toronto area to Columbus, OH in 2012, I found keeping in touch with people to be more challenging – there just weren’t enough hours to make the 1:1 connections I love!

If you’re on this page now, I’ve actually pressed pause on hosting these for a bit as I ‘step back’ to see what’s next for me in ‘putting my voice out there’. I’ll be back to update this once I’m clear myself!

In 2013, I started something new, and I’m hoping you’ll join me whenever the time works for you.

I set aside time for no fee bi-monthly calls. Each month on the 2nd Tuesday at 1pm ET, and the 4th Tuesday at 8pm ET I get on my conference call line and spend an hour with whoever shows up!

It’s been wonderful to connect with people from the different circles I move in, from wherever they are in the world! To register and receive the call-in information for these calls, click here

Together, we co-create a space where we share our growing edges, celebrate what’s going well, and support each other in the more challenging bits.

The format is informal conversation based on the theme of the Maralyn’s Musing I sent out the previous Sunday (these are always posted on the Maralyn’s Musings page, but if you’d like to receive them directly in your email inbox, click here). The first part of the call is my sharing the way this theme has been active in my life, the second part is response, questions, and sharing amongst all of us. This is both a community call, and a way for people who don’t yet know me to get a feel for who I am and how I ‘be’ in the world!

Join us and together we’ll share what’s unfolding, new practices, challenges, insights, experiences, questions, possibilities, intentions – it’s a space for deepening RICH relationships within our own lives, between each other and in our world.

If you’re intrigued, click here to register. You only need to register once to get the call-in information and your personal PIN number. It’ll also put you on the list to receive reminder emails for each call. No need to RSVP, just dial in and join us whenever it works for you!

Coaching Sessions

Once you’ve come to know me, or would like to engage more directly, here’s a list of some of the possibilities…

If you’ve woken up to the fact that there’s something missing in your life, and you’re wanting a partner with whom you can explore what it means to live the life you came here to live I’d love to hear from you. The commitment to yourself to do what it takes to experience, express, contribute and co-create really RICH relationships with yourself, others and Life is such a significant one, and having a partner in that exploration makes an enormous difference!

We can schedule 1:1 Coaching Sessions in a way that feels true for you…

1 hour – $125

Package of 4 sessions – $450

Package of 8 sessions – $800

I want you to know that while these prices are reflective of the value I bring to our partnership, if we both decide we’d like to create a coaching partnership I’m committed to exploring ways of making that possible. I don’t want access to money to be the deciding factor.

Finding Your Sea Legs

Especially in these times of change I’m excited to let you know about my new program – I call it FINDING YOUR SEA LEGS.

Here we explore ways of meeting the rogue waves and stormy seas we often encounter in life, with courage and resilience. Feeling alone to figure this out it’s easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed, perhaps afraid that if this keeps up, the boat of your life will be swamped and you may go under. If you’re finding saying “Yes” to life challenging (or know someone you care about who is) please do yourself a favour and check it out.

Click here to find out more about the new Finding Your Sea Legs program.

The Code™
I’m delighted to be able to offer you access to one of Lissa Boles’ signature programs – The Code™. Lissa has mentored and certified me to partner with you in this in depth, 1:1 experiential exploration and discovery of the core of who you are – the absolutely unique-to-you driving forces that have always been there inside you. The qualities and ways of being that make your heart sing with aliveness when they are present in your life, and ache when they are absent or violated.

This is an exploration of depth and nuance which has profound transformational power…

The Code™ helps you recognize the ways you have always known what it true for you. In getting to feel this in your bones, you’re able to stand for these things with greater clarity and confidence; speaking and discerning next steps for you from a place of deeper sovereignty than you’ve known.

And The Code™ isn’t just a one-off, check-it-off-the-list, been there, done that thing. You not only end up with a trustworthy blueprint of you, but the combination of this and the practices you learn in engaging this process combine to become a kind of inner gyroscope  – a way of orienting and anchoring yourself whenever life gets challenging.

If this is feeling resonant for you, please be in touch with me. I’d love to hear your questions and share more about this powerful process.

Sometimes there’s a particular trigger that has drawn us together – here are a couple of possibilities…

Though I’ve been actively engaged in personal growth for 25 years, the work of Katherine Woodward Thomas and her teaching partner Claire Zammit has profoundly influenced my personal and professional lives.

It’s played a crucial role as I navigated the end of my own 35 year marriage, and in my coming to trust myself to not ‘disappear myself’ as I entered into my second marriage with my beloved husband Bruce with whom I have co-created a partnership based in the deep respect and undefended loving I’ve always envisioned possible.

After experiencing this powerful work I went on to be personally trained by Katherine and Claire, becoming a Certified Coach in both the Conscious Uncoupling and Calling in “The One” programs. 

Conscious Uncoupling
Perhaps despite your many years of intentional personal development, you find yourself in the painful place of the breakup of an intimate relationship. Or maybe the breakup happened some time ago, and even though you have great friends and at least from the outside life seems ‘good’, inside you’ve become aware that you’re just going through the motions and you’re missing the richness in life you can feel in your bones is possible.

If this is you, I want you to know you’re not alone, and there IS a way back to being fully you!

Katherine Woodward Thomas has created a powerful 5 session audio program called Conscious Uncoupling. As one of her Certified Coaches I can offer to my 1:1 Conscious Uncoupling Coaching clients a 50% discount on the cost of the recordings and materials used in the coaching. With the reduction, the current cost of these resources which you purchase directly from Evolving Wisdom is $150.00.

While you can certainly purchase and work through the program at the full price on your own, there’s nothing like having a skilled coach partnering with you on this journey of releasing yourself from any judgments you might have been making about yourself, your partner or the breakup, and getting clear about what it really means to reclaim your true power.
To get a sense of what this is about, click here for Katherine’s audio The Art of Conscious Completion.

This 6 session Conscious Uncoupling 1:1 Coaching is $600.00. This is payable in two parts – $125 for the Intro session, the remaining 5 sessions $475. To explore this further, contact me!

Calling in "The One"
Katherine is also the author of the best-selling book Calling in “The One”. As a Coach personally Certified by Katherine I offer 8 sessions of 1:1 coaching based on the book. Embodying these processes and practices have been life changing for me! For anyone ready to step out of a resignation or sense of impossibility they might be feeling around attracting and sustaining the deeply loving, life-enhancing partnership many of us have longed for, who have a sense this is possible, but can’t figure out what’s getting in the way of their making this real in their lives this is a powerful journey to embark on!

This commitment to yourself is the first step in a reclamation of your power to create the loving relationship you’ve only dreamed about. As we engage the process together you’ll learn to identify and release the old patterns that have been getting in your way, releasing any energy that’s been tied up in the past. And in anchoring into your unique vision for love fulfilled take the next steps in becoming the ‘you’ of that future self; allowing you to be fully open to receiving, welcoming in and sustaining that deeply loving relationship – no longer letting the past limit your future.

Click here for more information about Katherine’s online Calling in “The One” program.

I offer this 8 session 1:1 coaching package for $800 (Intro session – $125, remaining 7 sessions $675.) If you’d like to explore this more please be in touch!

Respectful Relationships in which we honour ourselves and each other with a deep reverence for the unique gifts we each bring to life.
Intimate Being open and undefended in our living and loving—to the degree that’s appropriate for the context of the relationship.
Courageous A required element for living respectfully and intimately, this courage is anchored in a fierce commitment to being in integrity with ourselves, celebrating whatever is here now, AND being curious – hmmm, I wonder what else is possible?!
Human With all the idealism and possibility embedded in this vision, an honouring of our humanity is crucial—which of course brings us back to the beginning, being respectful.

Want to continue the conversation? 

Curious, got questions, want to connect more? Explore my no cost, twice monthly At Home with Maralyn & Friends calls. For more details and to register, click JOIN US below. 


Nurturing juicy co-creative partnerships
…with ourselves, others & life!