Click on the bolded text links below to see the models that have been birthed out of me over the years that now form the foundation from which I live and work.

  • the Integrated Cycles – the picture of how 3 of the 4 models fit together, and why I refer to this way of being as Triple Scoop Living – an invitation to live in the yumminess at the top of the ice cream cone!
  • the Cycle of Learning and Growing – a description of the way life unfolds, and the various choices we make in response to that
  • the Attentional Living Cycle – the heart of the work, and for me what makes for transformation – so NOT the way we are generally conditioned to respond!
  • the Six Environments – a closer look at what it means for us to nurture ourselves in the various environments that make up our lives, and the creative freedom that results when we’re open to the flow through of energy through us
  • the Cycle of Creation and Realization – the ice cream itself! … the process of transforming anything from an inkling of an idea in to full form

One of the things I love about these models is that while they are not prescriptive (they don’t say what we should do) they are powerful tools for locating ourselves and for recognizing the choices open to us in any moment – particularly when life feels chaotic.

Another tool many have found valuable is this pdf of Practical Steps in Coming Back Home to Ourselves. When we’re feeling upset or off-center (beside ourselves!) this points to a way of seeing, being with, holding, soothing, mentoring, and taking action to hone our skills and capacities to come back home and engage in life even more powerfully and authentically than we could before. Click on the link to download the pdf. And if you find it helpful, feel free to share!

My Writing

Click on the titles below to see short articles on themes that have been central in my life and work:



Respectful Relationships in which we honour ourselves and each other with a deep reverence for the unique gifts we each bring to life.
Intimate Being open and undefended in our living and loving—to the degree that’s appropriate for the context of the relationship.
Courageous A required element for living respectfully and intimately, this courage is anchored in a fierce commitment to being in integrity with ourselves, celebrating whatever is here now, AND being curious – hmmm, I wonder what else is possible?!
Human With all the idealism and possibility embedded in this vision, an honouring of our humanity is crucial—which of course brings us back to the beginning, being respectful.

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