"Through Maralyn's compassion, wisdom and real understanding of my true, authentic self, I am able to increase my capacity to love and especially deepen the relationship within myself, my beloved and other people in all my life.

I really enjoyed the fact that Maralyn "went with the flow" with our sessions and the sessions were easy and comfortable and not so structured. She truly embraced what was going on with me and my life for each lesson and practice. During our sessions together, I was able to be in a deep, safe space, to be completely vulnerable and be my true, authentic self. The learning, growth and expansion for me was powerful and life changing!

This whole experience is a gift of peace and stillness in my life to deepen the loving relationship within myself and surrender to the present. I am happy where and who I am! I will continue to honour myself and stay in my power to cultivate this loving solitude.
"Lord and Anne' have mercy…Anne' is alive!

My wild, gypsy soul is back!"

I hightly recommend Maralyn as a coach for Calling In "The One" (CITO) and have recommended her to many of my friends who are considering taking CITO."

—Anne, Richmond Hill, ON