"I was struggling trying to ‘fit in the box’ and Maralyn was able to guide me to see where I fit, or where it doesn’t fit me. And that it was okay not to fit. When it came to manifesting “The One”, I was only attracting unavailable men. I understood that it was a reflection of me, but I didn’t know how I was unavailable. Calling in "The One" and Maralyn helped tremendously in getting to the core of understanding that, first, I was give, give, give, but not allowing others to give to me. Second, I was not allowing myself to be vulnerable with others. If I had read the Calling in "The One" book, I may have picked up some of this knowledge, but I know I wouldn’t have worked through the exercises without having a weekly session with Maralyn. She was able to give me some very practical ideas on how to be more vulnerable and take risks with people. I really appreciate how this program has brought about such amazing growth and insight into my inner being. My very close loved ones have commented very positively in the changes they’ve seen in me. Thank you again. I can see this program going far!"

—Laurie, Toronto, ON