"Just a note and to say thanks again; our work achieved exactly what I wanted it to achieve, i.e personalizing the Calling in "The One" work and enabling a shift in perspective. It's funny, I selected you from the list on a gut feeling, and in retrospect it seems perfectly natural, and and at the same time miraculous, that we hooked up.

I wanted to share with you what is happening now, since I discovered what it's like to feel precious to myself. I've been keeping a list, ... (it) includes small things like less use of question marks and exclamation points, being able to look people in the eye and knowing what to say, not starting to fixate when a guy I like drops me an email, not desperately checking my personal email as if waiting for something or someone great to happen to me out of the blue, dressing as precious as I feel, not needing to obsessively make 'to do' lists ... and so on. I think what you said really hit home--I was feeling like I had to do everything all by myself, and I was burning out my engine... Now the feeling is more that I can lean back on the universe and it will support me."

—Michelle, Washington, DC