"My experience of working with Maralyn is that I feel connected and supported by her while I encounter difficult emotions and new ideas. Maralyn brings the wisdom and insight of her personal experience and combines it with an embrace of groundbreaking new approaches to some of life's most vexing problems. My sense of Maralyn's compassion for me in my situation, and for herself, promotes in me a feeling of co-creating the solutions to my concerns - I have a feeling of being very much on the same page with her. Maralyn's patience, clear vision, and gentle guidance create for me the sense that I am on a path toward an improved position - and my lived experience of the benefits which I've attained with her has resoundingly proved that perception true. I have transformed my approaches to change, to life, and to relationship, via my work with Maralyn, to the great benefit of myself and to the people in my life."

—Stefan, Skokie, IL